Like many Americans (presumably now nearly 66 million) I was horrified when Donald J. Trump won the 2016 Presidential Election. Everyone with even a passing interest in politics has experienced disappointment when their candidate was defeated. I recall well the five weeks following the 2000 Presidential Election during which the Bush and Gore campaigns fought in court about the Florida recount. The Supreme Court decision that disallowed a recount was devastating and seemed patently unfair, but Al Gore’s concession speech helped his supporters and the country to move forward.

But the election of Donald Trump is clearly another matter. None of us have lived through the election to the President of the US of someone who is as unqualified, mean-spirited, divisive, and dangerous as Donald Trump.

The prospect of four or more years of a President Trump seems overwhelmingly sad and scary. Millions of us feel helpless. I found myself poring over the liberal press trying to figure out how to cope. The advice included volunteerism, donating to important causes and speaking out to the point of not “normalizing” Trump’s hateful rhetoric.

Posting comments or links to article on Facebook rarely seems worthwhile. A few of your predictable friends will “like” or share your post and not infrequently you’ll go down a rabbit hole of arguments with friends who will never be convinced of your argument anyway. So the more I thought about it, the more it seemed like the perfect opportunity to start a blog.

For now I plan to blog about lots of things that interest me – racism, income inequality, climate change and gun violence, but I imagine I’ll also write about palliative care, technology, and may even throw in a few vacation photos. Stay tuned.